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Marine Transfer Operations Vessel Movement

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Allow a Few Seconds for the vessel positions to load on the Google Map


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Vessel Tracking

Here on the VesselTrax site you can view ship positions on approaches and departures from the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Intracoastal Canal. The shipping traffic is diverse in transiting the Houston Ship Channel, Port of Texas City, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, and Galveston Harbor.

For instance, towboats and barges comprise the majority of daily vessel transits in conjunction with container ships, tanker ships, bulk carriers, reefers, cruise ships, oceangoing barges, passenger ferries, cruise ships, and many other categories of interesting vessels from around the world. Take a look at the blog posts about taxi Grantham station if you wish to see how they can get you to your nearest airpost to visit us.

For a closer view of vessel movement on the upper reaches of the Houston Ship Channel use the navigation link above for viewing. Additionally, there is a navigation link for the Port of Texas City and Galveston Harbor.

Included in the above navigation links is a link on Marine Vessels, where you’ll find many informative and educational maritime web links regarding the shipping industry as it pertains to the Texas Gulf Coast. Be sure to check it out on your visit as you might find something of use in addition to the Google Map that highlights vessel movement of shipping traffic.

There are several unique technologies utilized in vessel tracking such as satellite, cellular, and VHF radio signals. VesselTrax is currently recieving VHF signals that is used in conjunction with the automatic identification system (AIS) that the USCG requires commercial vessels to have for safe navigation on the Houston-Galveston Vessel Traffic System. 

VHF signals are line of site and it is not possible to pick up vessel traffic over 25 miles with a single VHF antenna. On unusual days of extreme trophospheric ducting, radio signals actually bounce off the trophosphere and it is possible at these times to observe vessel traffic at great distances such as the super tankers lightering over 50 miles offshore south of Galveston Island.

Hope you enjoy your visit on the VesselTrax site and welcome aboard.

Check out the Ships Store here on VesselTrax

For best results use the free web browser Mozilla Firefox (download here) or the new Internet Explorer 7 (download here). With Internet Explorer 6 the loading takes a long time and there could be are errors in the vessel display.

Check out these web pages for addtional information regarding crude oil imports
arriving from Mexico, Venezuela, West Africa, and the Persian Gulf


Crude Oil Imports| Venezuela| Mexico| Nigeria| Texas City Crude Imports| Persian Gulf


Legend:   = cargo ship   = towing barges   = tanker ship   = tug
  = reserve   = rowboat   = passenger ship   = TBA   = USCG VTS Station

Vessels Underway

Vessels Docked

Port Map Disclaimer: CAUTION: The information contained herein is intended as an aid and guide to port users. The providers and distributors of this information make no representation as to its accuracy. The users of this information are strictly advised that the information herein SHOULD NOT be used for navigational purposes or other maritime activities.

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If you are just viewing the 9 digit MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identities) number from the mouse-over instead of a vessel name then select, copy, and paste the MMSI in the box above and submit a search to ITU

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