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Crude Oil Imports into U. S. Gulf Coast Ports


Crude Oil Imports into U. S. Gulf Coast Ports

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Nearly 60% of all crude oil imports that arrive in the United States originate
from tanker ships that enter through the Gulf of Mexico. The gulf coast
is designated as Petroleum Administration Defense District 3 (PADD ) by the
Department of Energy.

Petroleum Admistration Defense District


United States Crude Oil Imports

Imports of crude oil arrive in the USA from tanker ships of all sizes which
include VLCC's, ULCC's, Suezmax, and Aframax tankers. On the Gulf
Coast supertankers with crude from Africa and the Middle East offload their
cargo unto smaller Aframax tankers at the designated lightering areas.
Crude oil from Mexico, South, and Central America arrives directly at
the gulf coast ports on Aframax and Suezmax tanker ships.

Crude Oil Imports USA Mexico Crude Oil Imports Africa Crude Oil Imports Persina Gulf Crude Oil imports

Gulf Coast Crude Oil Imports


Crude Oil Imports Gulf Coast USA Port of Corpus Christi Port Arthur Port of Texas City

The above chart is an excellent depiction of obtaining some sort
of idea of how many tanker ships arrive at each of the gulf coast
ports in a day. For example, an Aframax tanker can carry approximately
500,000 bbls of crude oil. So you can see on average Corpus Christi,
Texas recives one ship a day and the ports of Houston and Texas City
recieve approximately 3 tankers ships a day total of imported crude oil


Here on on the VesselTrax site additional information is provided concerning
foreign ports of origin for crude oil imports arriving at the Ports on the gulf coast.
Additionally, barrel amounts of crude oil discharged from tanker ships at the
specific refinery can be found while navigating through the site.

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